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Boat sauna in Humppila


A Finn wants to go to sauna on a holiday, and a Finnish sauna is an experience for many foreigners. In the Forssa region, there are smoke saunas, underground saunas, a boat sauna, a landscape sauna and traditional lakeside saunas, among others. The sauna experience can also be completed  by bathing in a hot tube or by taking a dip in the freesing cold water throught an ice hole in winter.


Urpola Manor

Urpola Manor

Perkiöntie 14, 31640 Humppila
+358 (0)500 121 160

Spend lovely weddings, birthday-, graduation-, family- and many other parties in our lovely and cosy place next to the nature. We will make possible you to have marvellous Christmas party. Our cuisine magician prepares luscious delicacies, which  you can savour together with wine. (Our mansion has alcohol license)

Have meals and coffee with groups, enjoy presentation tours, keep successfully several day conferences, relax in real smoke sauna Viking Sauna and in other saunas, bath in hot tube (outside!)  or swim in a small pond. At Viking Sauna  we also serve meals if so is wanted, which hardly leaves you hungry…

Spend lovely weddings, birthday, graduation, family and many other parties in a lovely and cosy place next to nature.

Luscious delicacies and and coffee service for groups with presentation tours. The manor also provides conference facilities.

Relax in real smoke sauna Viking Sauna and in other saunas, bath in hot tube (outside!)  or swim in a small pond. Meals can also be served to the Viking Sauna.

For accommodation there are 3 log cabin houses with 6 rooms, each room for 1-5 persons. In a separate brick building, there is an apartment with a kitchen and its own sanitary facilities, with two bedrooms for 3-4 people, and six accommodation rooms for 2-4 people, where the toilet and shower facilities are shared. There are accommodations for a total of 45 people.

Shopping opportunities at the courtyard area in “Treasure barn” Tilkkutex and Urpolan Kutomo (Urpola Weavery).
Art exhibitions at Art House Taidemakasiini.

Open on request.