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Boat sauna in Humppila


A Finn wants to go to sauna on a holiday, and a Finnish sauna is an experience for many foreigners. In the Forssa region, there are smoke saunas, underground saunas, a boat sauna, a landscape sauna and traditional lakeside saunas, among others. The sauna experience can also be completed  by bathing in a hot tube or by taking a dip in the freesing cold water throught an ice hole in winter.




Hykkiläntie 302, 31300 Tammela
+358 (0)400 249 558

Hilupilttuu is a wood heated log cabin sauna in the idyllic rural setting of Hykkilä village in Tammela.

The sauna has a direct connection to the courtyard pond with a pier and refreshing bathing water. The Hilupilttuu sauna is heated all year round and has a hot water shower and an indoor toilet. The sauna experience is complemented by the cozy cottage. It includes open fireplace and a fully equipped kitchen. At the spacious yard area is a barbecue grill.

Prices without accommodation

  • Mon - Thu sauna 120€ / evening from 4pm to 11pm
  • Fri - Sun sauna sauna 195€ / evening from 4pm to 11pm

Price is including sauna and firewood, linens for sauna and barbecue charcoal to the grill.

Number of people  max 6

As Hilupilttuu is also an accommodation cottage, the availability of sauna evenings is limited, especially during the holiday season. The accommodation is for two persons + 2 extra beds on a sofa bed. Accommodation reservations through Lomarengas or You can also ask for a direct quote.