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Boat sauna in Humppila


A Finn wants to go to sauna on a holiday, and a Finnish sauna is an experience for many foreigners. In the Forssa region, there are smoke saunas, underground saunas, a boat sauna, a landscape sauna and traditional lakeside saunas, among others. The sauna experience can also be completed  by bathing in a hot tube or by taking a dip in the freesing cold water throught an ice hole in winter.


Koivu ja Kuusi Eräkeskus

Koivu ja Kuusi Eräkeskus

Metsäkouluntie 60, 31350 Tammela
+358 (0)44 238 6564

Koivu ja Kuusi Eräkeskus is a versatile service center in the middle of nature on the shore of lake Liesjärvi and right next to the Liesjärvi National Park.

There are accommodations for a total of about 100 people in the main building and nearby buildings. The restaurant has seats for 80 people and a tasty home-cooked lunch is served on Saturdays.

Eräkeskus offers a natural setting for companies for meetings and training sessions. Classrooms can be booked in the main building, and the lounge with a fireplace and saunas are available for groups. Eräkeskus is perfectly suited for camp schools and association gatherings.

On the beach you will find two piers, well-grounded swimming beaches, a sauna for about 5-6 people and a rowing boat. There is a barbecue shed and a frisbee golf course near the beach. The main building has a sauna with about ten board seats. on the beach.

Home-cooked lunch on Saturdays from 12 to 3pm. The pub is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 6pm to 10pm.