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The Forssa region has plenty of attractions and interesting places to visit. In the town centre, you can admire historical red-brick buildings and enjoy lush urban parks. The highlight of your trip could be taking an unforgettable steam train ride on the museum railway, seeing domestic animals on the heritage farm. 

Welcome to the Forssa region!


Paintball Games & Bubble Football

Paintball Games & Bubble Football

+358 (0)41 502 6009 / Jussi Simola

Paintball, a fascinating and fast-paced game, is often played in the woods and always with the permission of the landowner. In Forssa's Viksberg district, it is possible to play a game with a full game arena.

Teams' goal is to achieve good co-operation and brilliant gaming techniques in the game. The Paintball game is ideal for hen parties, birthdays or even for Christmas parties!

The game can also be played during winter. Games are played in frost with suitable colour ammunitions. The winter ammunition is specially designed for cold and does not freeze like normal summer balloons.

Bubble Football, Bubble Football, Bubble Ball, Bubble Football ... A beloved child has many names! Absolutely fun game for sauna evenings, season closing parties, birthdays or even little Christmas parties.

Before the game, players wear transparent "bubbles" to protect their upper bodies. This is how ordinary football can be a really fun and entertaining game event, even for spectators!

The playing field can be a lawn, an indoor arcade, a gym or even a snow field. Balls are not suitable for sand!

Price for Paintball from 32,50€ to 40€ / person including guidance paintball gun, mask, coveralls and colour ammunitions (max 500).

Price for Bubble Football The duration of the game event is 1-1.5h 30 € / ball, which can be used by several players. The price includes game event control.